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Welcome to HIME Wellness

HIME Wellness is a place to find the tools you need to inspire, motivate, and educate yourself to live a healthy, well-balanced, meaningful, and purpose-driven life. It is “the place” to find alternative, holistic, integrative, and complementary health and wellness professionals and practitioners! We are a community of individuals and businesses who believe that total wellness begins with knowledge. When you are looking for alternative health and wellness answers, we are here to help you!

Whether you have a chronic illness or are here to enhance your life, we welcome you!  We will help you to connect with a trusted professional who offers a complementary or holistic medicine service, and with information on a variety of complementary medicine therapies. We hope that you will find that we have what you seek.

We are currently seeking holistic practitioners who feel the same as we do – please check out our membership page if you are interested in joining us on this unique journey!

Our Clients Say

The HIME Wellness event at Crossroads Church in Mason, Introduction to Complementary Medicine – How to Champion Your Health! was brilliant with first hand accounts of individual journeys of healing by the practitioners themselves. Bringing stories of overcoming life threatening diagnoses from cancer to cardiological crises, and much more, each speaker shared their experience with both traditional medicine and complementary alternative therapies.
The message was clear: there are many paths to healing, many tools to surviving and thriving in the face of a potentially life threatening diagnosis. Making no claims nor presenting any medical advice, practitioners shared how they offer clients information and tools to enhance their wellness and increase their possibilities for a long and healthy life.
Their was a profound understanding from all the presenters on Saturday of all the angles of healing that include the heart and the mind and the body and the spirit of individuals facing health crises.
Each presenter was clear about what they can do to help their clients become their own champion for their own health. No one tool will be the cure all for any one person. HIME Wellness’ intention is to help inform, inspire and motivate. They succeeded on all counts this last Saturday in Mason.


Had a wonderful time meeting so many amazing new people!! This is going to be a beautiful journey, so happy to be a part of it!


Shannon and Natalie did a great job organizing, leading and inspiring us to come together and bringing health to those in need!