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Welcome to HIME Wellness

HIME stands for …

Healing through Inspiration, Motivation and Education.

HIME Wellness is “the place” to find alternative, holistic, integrative and complementary health and wellness professionals and practitioners.

We are a community of businesses and individual practitioners who provide solutions for those who want to integrate holistic therapies into their lives.

Whether you have a chronic illness or are physically well and want to enhance your life, we can connect you with trusted professionals who offer complementary and holistic medicine services.

We are currently seeking holistic practitioners – our community-based approach is unlike any other! We provide a networking community for collaboration to help you thrive and grow. Please check out our membership page if you are interested in joining us on this unique journey!

Our Clients Say

Dr. Kristen Zumberger testimonial

Chiropractor Kristen Zumberger discusses her experience at our event, Mind, Brain and Resilience that was held on May 18th, 2018. She specifically enjoyed learning more about Feng Shui.

Dr. Kristen Zumberger testimonial

The HIME Wellness event was brilliant!
The practitioners of HIME Wellness have a profound understanding of all the angles of healing that include the heart and the mind and the body and the spirit of individuals facing health crises.
No one tool will be the cure all for any one person. HIME Wellness’ intention is to help inform, inspire and motivate. They succeeded on all counts!



Had a wonderful time meeting so many amazing new people!! This is going to be a beautiful journey, so happy to be a part of it!