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Combating the Winter Blues with Essential Oils and Crystals

Are you sick of the snow and cold and looking for some relief? Come join Shannon Villalba and Missy Marty in a fun learning adventure to help you combat those winter blues!

We will be discussing the benefits of Lavender, Cypress, and the citrus oils to help lift and lighten your mood, and put some peace into your life.

Crystals are nature’s little love nuggets, and they bring joy to our lives! We will go over the properties of three crystals – Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz and Citrine, and how they can help transmute those negative energies into positive ones!

Together we will learn a visualization meditation to use daily as well in conjunction with the crystals and oils.

Attendees get a sample blend of the oils and an intuitively chosen crystal to take home.

Space is limited, so please sign up early!

Investment $22.50