Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight – April Hampton, Avril Renee Life Coach LLC

April Hampton is a life coach and on our practitioner leadership team. April’s enthusiasm for wellness and her clients shows in every aspect of her business. She encourages her clients to be their best selves in several different ways! Why are you in your field? To bring awareness, support and guide others on how to use their infinite power, given to each of us at birth, to overcome, accomplish and solve most anything they desire.…

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Member Spotlight – Beth Hinden, LMT, Sanctuary of Integration Wellness Center

I am passionate about helping people discover a new way of being!  How do I do this?  By bringing my 23 years of bodywork experience as a licensed massage therapist and my BS degree in Psychology into the therapy room to help reconnect the disconnection between mind/body imbalances.  My name is Beth Hinden and I birthed Sanctuary of Integration Wellness Center (SIWC).  We are located in Florence, KY.  As the name implies, my vision is…

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Member Spotlight – Christina Craver, Vibrant Cincy

Christina is part of HIME Wellness’s practitioner leadership team. We are happy to introduce you to her and the wonderful work she is doing as a health coach! Why I’m passionate about health coaching and Vibrant Cincy I have had my own struggles with health, and I’ve experienced firsthand our system for diagnosing and treating disease.  This maddening process of being labeled, being medicated, dealing with side effects, and being medicated more.  In addition, going…

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