Meet Lisa Murphy-Taylor, holistic nurse

Lisa-Murphy Taylor works with functional medicine, brain training, and energy work to assist her clients with their health and wellness needs. She incorporates neurofeedback along with nutrition in her wellness programs. Lisa worked in the department of Neurology at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation as a nurse clinician, with two veteran Neurologists, gaining unique knowledge from very complicated chronic neurological disease states. She has full respect and understanding for the role food and nutrition plays, not only in living healthfully, but how nutrition can quell cellular inflammation; the basis for chronic disease.

Lisa earned her certificate in integrative nutrition from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is currently in the second year of her Master’s program at the University of Western States. She is getting her Masters of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine. Much of the work she does with clients is based in functional medicine, as this form of medicine gets to the root of why disease states occur and what biological systems become imbalanced. She assists clients (utilizing neurofeedback) to make changes in food and lifestyle returning balance and optimal health.

Lisa is a member of our Board of Directors. Find out more about Lisa and her company, Health in Your Hands!

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