April Hampton is a life coach and on our practitioner leadership team. April’s enthusiasm for wellness and her clients shows in every aspect of her business. She encourages her clients to be their best selves in several different ways!

Why are you in your field? To bring awareness, support and guide others on how to use their infinite power, given to each of us at birth, to overcome, accomplish and solve most anything they desire.

I have worked with the public in various fields. Real Estate, Hospitality and even Television. The re-occurring theme I have found is the lack of joy, fulfillment and health people experience daily. Almost like there is an epidemic of loss of hope or faith.  This tends to lead to health ailments and that’s exactly where I ended up!  I started experiencing neurological decline, memory loss and extreme migraines that caused me to go unconscious, just to name a few. This was after a decade of digestive issues due to poor gut health. I knew just enough to be dangerous and sought out cure’s for my ailments without the use of prescription or over the counter drugs.  It took a strong desire mixed with indefinite determination, coupled with trial and error and eventually with the council of both professional and nonprofessionals in the health field I found solutions to my decade of health ailments.  I learned things I thought were just “part of getting old” were actually very early warning signs of much more serious diseases.  I also learned it all begins with the power of our minds.  What we obsess over gets deeply seeded into our subconscious mind and helps us find the answers to our problems, our seemingly impossible goals and our desires.  This is why I obtained my Health Coaching Certification from Institute of Integrative Nutrition while working full time as a single woman with two furry babies and taking home care of a home.  I knew if I could teach others how to accomplish their goals be it, weight loss, relationship issues, career, self love, overall health, etc…I would be living MY PURPOSE, ON PURPOSE!

What is a Life coach Practitioner? A Life Coach is someone who supports, guides and assists a person who has a personal desire to improve one’s self or life in one form or another.

Who are my clients? I will meet with anyone for a free consultation to see if their goals or problems are something I can assist with.  In general, when working to define one’s strong emotional ‘why’s’ in conjunction with unwavering determination I can help them to form new habits that will allow them to tap into their infinite power, their mindset, and achieve whatever they desire.  I help the common person with personal growth, general health, mindset and improving their relationships first with thyself, which tends to improve all areas of their life as a result.

Why do you need me?  If you look at history you will be hard pressed to find one successful person or entity that did not become successful in their endeavors without the assistance of counsel.  To do it alone is almost assured defeat and very few succeed when not collaborating with others or having an accountability factor in place. With my support you will gain all the benefits of a subject I have obsessed over for a decade or more, which is how to motivate and guide others to long lasting self improvement.

What do I have to offer? Currently, I offer one on one coaching so the client has a safe place to tell their story, talk of their fears or concerns, identify and eliminate limiting beliefs and create an emotionally based, detailed vision of their desires.  Then, together, we will find ways to create new, more fulfilling and healthier habits the client is ready to achieve!  Tomorrow never comes!  The time is NOW.

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