I am passionate about helping people discover a new way of being!  How do I do this?  By bringing my 23 years of bodywork experience as a licensed massage therapist and my BS degree in Psychology into the therapy room to help reconnect the disconnection between mind/body imbalances.  My name is Beth Hinden and I birthed Sanctuary of Integration Wellness Center (SIWC).  We are located in Florence, KY.  As the name implies, my vision is to create a space where the client can experience ultimate acceptance and come to revel in the stillness of life’s bliss.  In this fast-paced world we exist in, when is there ever time to just be?  That is what SIWC offers…A place where we meet you on your journey of wellness and help to educate you about your mind, your body, and your spirit.  It all starts with holding space for oneness with yourself and the universe.  As you explore this deep inner awareness, we encourage you to discover new awakenings inside yourself.

My Why….

I happened into the world of massage at a tender age of 18.  When my career goal of being an airline pilot was dashed because I have hearing loss, I had to choose something different.  Well, massage chose me!  I look back today and see how I was drawn to that part of myself that seeks to help others.  I have never been a science nut, but when it comes to health and body function- I am immersed in a world of excitement and fun!!!  Fast forward 25 years later, I am still enchanted and excited about what the body reveals each day.  Education has always been a fundamental piece of the puzzle because it is all about opportunity.  The quest for more, deeper knowledge that is both head and heart felt has spoken to me in the depths of my being.  I believe each day is a seek and find invitation.  I seek connection with people around me and find new awakenings about all areas of health.  The stories that clients share are precious and inspire me to seek even more.  The passion for my art of health continues to be fueled by my seeking quest for more connection with the universe and everything in it.

Integrated bodywork….

Once a person finds their landing place or home away from home, next comes the mystery of how all the pieces of life’s puzzle fit together.  Integration of the physical body, the mental brain which encompasses instincts, emotions, and cognition, and the spiritual being are all aspects of a living being.  Whether you need a professional to help hold space for this stillness or guidance in what is the right balance of all health aspects, the sanctuary of our wellness center awaits you.  Come and explore without feeling judged or lacking.  Our intent is to provide support for you to accomplish your wellness goals.  If you don’t have any, come and discover how to make some and set out to achieve them with tool sets that will blow your mind!

Somatic Experiencing….

What the heck does that mean :)?  Soma = Body. This is a beautiful dance of how the body experiences life’s hiccups.  Every single person experiences trauma in life.  Whether it be surgery, disease, injury, loss, abuse, accidents, war, or many other possibilities- it is inevitable that it will happen at some point to each of us.  Often times we get stuck in certain physiological responses of fight, flight, or freeze.  Even when our brains say we are ok, our body tells us differently.  Somatic experiencing (SE) is the invitation to slow down our automatic nervous system responses and bring awareness to our internal sensations.  This allows the opportunity for a changed nervous system response and invites greater regulation of the body functions.  It is done through conversation and dialogue with the client while the therapist holds a space of safety and co-regulation of our nervous systems.  It is in my nervous system interacting with your nervous system that the dance is witnessed.  For more information on the founding principles of this work, please check out traumahealing.org under the ‘about us’ tab.  I am currently at the end of my intermediate year of the 3 year certification training for this skill set.  The beauty of the work is that I can immediately start integrating it into my practice.  For me, SE is the missing piece of what happens when bodywork releases emotions tied up in the tissues.  This allows me to support the client in noticing and tracking sensations of this release so it can lead to greater capacity for life balance.

Your Why….

If anything here resonates for you, I would be honored to share a piece of the journey with you.  Please thoughtfully consider checking out the below sites for more information and continuing the quest for balance in all aspects of health!

Website:  Sanctuaryofintegration.com

Email:  Beth@sanctuaryofintegration.com

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/siwcbewell

Beth Hinden, LMT
Sanctuary of Integration Wellness Center
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