Christina is part of HIME Wellness’s practitioner leadership team. We are happy to introduce you to her and the wonderful work she is doing as a health coach!

Why I’m passionate about health coaching and Vibrant Cincy

I have had my own struggles with health, and I’ve experienced firsthand our system for diagnosing and treating disease.  This maddening process of being labeled, being medicated, dealing with side effects, and being medicated more.  In addition, going to specialist to specialist with a best case scenario being diagnosed and prescribed based on what is typical treatment plan with someone with that disease label.  Through my training and research, I keep coming to these conclusions:  patients are individuals with their own stories, there is a root cause to the problem, lifestyle is greatly impacting our health.  Depression and anxiety etc are symptoms, not the disease.  Instead of treating the symptoms, let’s find the root problem and make changes.  I’m a teacher at heart, and I want to educate others so that they can find what works for them to have a healthy life and can then do what they are passionate about.  I want to create awareness of food choices and available options and resources for wellness.  I know how scary it is to have a poorly functioning brain, and I want to help and hopefully prevent others from experiencing that horror.  Basically I want to educate others, so they have the information to make choices for themselves and empower them to own their health and take control of their lives.  Diet, exercise, environment, stress, sleep, all play such crucial roles.  Lastly, I want to build a healthier community and to bring people together.  Making lifestyle changes can be isolating when it is different from your social circle.  I want to break down that isolation and promote a community of support and healthy living.

Who I work with…

I work with individuals who want to make sustainable changes to improve their health and happiness.

What is a health coach?

The role of a health coach is to work with clients to empower them to make diet and lifestyle changes to support wellness.

Why do you need one?

Diet, stress, sleep, and movement all impact how we feel physically and mentally.  Making changes to improve in these areas could change your life.  However, making lifestyle changes is difficult.  Knowing what is healthy and navigating through information and marketing is also challenging.  Food can cause inflammation and can also be very healing.  A health coach can help you navigate and works with you and holds you accountable for reaching your goals.

What does Vibrant Cincy have to offer?

Vibrant Cincy can support you in connecting the dots from good advice to actionable steps to transformation.  Contact Christina at for more information and a free consultation.  Read more about my story at

Available services include:

  • 50- minute health coaching sessions
  • Tool (app) to track key components of lifestyle and receive feedback
  • Support between sessions via email and messaging
  • Simple healthy recipes
  • Handouts specific to your needs and goals
  • Pantry/refrigerator cleanup instructions and feedback
  • Individual meal feedback
  • In person pantry/refrigerator assistance
  • Shopping trip to learn about how to shop for healthy food
  • Workshops, classes, presentations
  • Group coaching

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