Now that you know a little about me, I’m going to share with you some of the tools that I used to heal myself. The most important tool in my arsenal I believe was my mind. Daily meditation helped me calm myself down and put my mind in alignment with my body to heal. If you’ve never had an opportunity to meditate, I suggest you start learning today. I’m glad you are here and reading this blog because I will share with you what to do to get started.

Meditation to me is about connecting with myself, the Universe, my angels, and God. It helps stabilize my mood and makes me feel better.  I first started to learn how to meditate when I was 27. Since then it’s become second nature to me. I do it twice a day, once in the morning when I wake up and right before I go to bed.  The key to meditation is clearing your mind.

I have found that the best way for me to meditate is to start with a prayer. I thank God and the angels for keeping me alive and safe. I also practice gratefulness, stating things I am grateful for like my son, my family, my friends, etc. This puts my mind in a positive state, and open to receiving love and positive messages. Then I focus on myself and my breathing. Honestly, this is pretty much the easiest way to start meditating. The goal is to clear your mind and focus on your body, living in the present moment. When we learn to live in the present moment more and more, we are appreciate our lives and live more fully. We tend to be more positive and aware, thus creating a healing environment for our bodies, but also setting up ourselves to receive positive energy back. What we put out we get back, and we want to put out positive as much as possible.

Basic meditation:

  1. Find a quiet place in your home or outside, someplace you won’t be disturbed by others, electronics, etc. Turn your cell phone off. If you want, you can put on some quiet meditation music, preferably something with a bit of repetition in it. I have found that “ambient radio” on Pandora is great, or tibetan singing bowls.
  2. Say your prayer. Thank God for your life. Thank God and the angels for keeping you safe. State who and what you are grateful for, like your family, friends, house, car, food, job, opportunities, etc.
  3. Close your eyes. Focus on your breath. Breathe in and hold for 2 seconds, then breathe out. Try and clear your mind, and every time that a thought comes into your mind focus on your breath again. You are trying to live in the present moment. Do this for about as long as you want, I typically recommend at least 10 minutes to start with and go longer as you get used to it. You can stop here if you want, but I suggest following the next steps.

To take it a step further for grounding and healing:

  1. Imagine a ray of light from the middle of your body (power chakra) going through your body down through the ground to the center of the earth. As you imagine the ray going down let go of all of your worries and let them go into the earth. Feel the earth’s energy, connecting yourself to our wonderful planet. Then, imagine a ray of light coming up from the earth bringing healing energy into your body. Ask the universe to put this exchange of energy on autopilot.
  2. Imagine a ray of light going from the middle of your body (power chakra) up through your body up into sky, past the clouds and into space to the sun. Send up your hopes and dreams. Feel the warmth of the sun, providing sunshine, optimism, and hope into our world. Then imagine that same ray of light coming back down through space, the clouds and down into your body. Ask the universe to put this exchange of energy on autopilot.
  3. The healing silver light: Set your intention on healing yourself. Imagine silver healing light coming down from the top of your head going down to your shoulders, arms, wrists, palms and fingers. This silver light permeates every cell, nourishing them and healing them. Then imagine this silver light goes down your torso, filling your organs, moving down through your hips, thighs, knees, calves, ankles, feet and toes. Repeat as necessary and focus longer on those parts that need more attention. You may repeat this process with other colored healing light as the universe dictates or by asking the healing angels to come in and assist you.
  4. Do this process for as long as it takes you to start feeling better.

This simple meditation can be done at anytime and you can work your way up from 10 minutes to much longer. The longer you meditate, the more benefits you will reap. After time, you will start living more in the present moment. The consequences are wonderful – you will begin to heal, you will become more positive, connected to yourself and your world, God, and learn to love yourself. Once you begin to love yourself, you treat yourself better and avoid negative situations and people that could possibly harm you physically or emotionally. There are also many added health benefits physically:

  • your blood pressure goes down
  • you have less anxiety and depression
  • your mental focus improves
  • you have more positive interactions with others
  • you get distracted less
  • you are generally happier
  • you improve your immune system
  • your emotional intelligence improves
  • your self-esteem and self love improves
  • you have better cognitive skills and creativity..

Plus, many, many other benefits. Continued meditation coupled with visualization helped me heal, as it can help heal you. Now, I’m not saying meditation can cure you and I’m not giving any medical advice. But, meditation can surely improve your life.

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