What is Feng Shui?

Cyd Alper-Sedgwick, Feng Shui Master, explains the basics of Feng Shui, and how it can be used to improve your life and well-being. From an early age, being raised by my British parents in Asia, Cyd has had a deep understanding
and passion for the benefits of positive energy and harmonic prosperity.

The joy of seeing my clients experience the benefits of positive, constructive and creative energy is the reason I love what I do! It’s not at all unusual for my clients to report immediate and measurable increases in sales, customer satisfaction, personal financial prosperity, relationship, health, and so much more!

Cyd’s company, Full Circle Feng Shui, provides comprehensive services from house blessings to interior design to help your spirit and soul. She heals buildings and the people in them! We are very honored to have Cyd as our Master Mentor!

Full Circle Feng Shui and Life Design

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