I’m writing this at the end of my treatments, after I have successfully beat small cell cervical cancer. I’m writing this after I’ve successfully become a lawyer, an entrepreneur, a mom, and an inspiration to others. During my treatments I found my true purpose in my life – I am meant to share with others the tools they need to live a well-balanced, purposeful, meaningful, and happy life, through inspiration and education.

When I was in the hospital and going through chemo, my brain was focused on healing my body. I used the tools that I had available to me, the ones that I had used before to help me go through life However, this time, I felt that they had a deeper purpose and meaning – they were going to keep me alive and in this world. I felt that my life was not going to leave me and I was not ready to leave. I was ready to finally live.

Of all of the times in my life, this was a critical pivoting point. I was either going to heal myself or I wasn’t. I had no other choice but to give in to my natural talents and gifts. To connect with God and the universe, to see that I am truly one of his children and all that I believe, that God, the force, universal goodness, Spirit, or whatever you want to call it, flows, genuinely flows through all of us and through our bodies and we have the ability to self-heal. I believed with such tenacity that I could activate my higher self and my connection to the universe through my conscious mind that I would be cancer free.

I believed the impossible was possible. Just like that scene in the Matrix when Neo finally understands that he can bend reality. There is no spoon. We live in a matrix developed by our own limiting beliefs and misconceptions that we cannot attain our highest goals or be our highest beings. But, we can! Like Harry Potter, he knew he could defeat the dementor because he’d already done it. You can be successful, happy and healthy, because you’ve already done it! You’ve had a 100% success rate in surviving any obstacle you have faced to date. Success is not measured by wealth or material objects; success is that you are alive. You are alive! Despite whatever setbacks you have encountered, you have a 100% success rate because YOU ARE ALIVE AND LIVING IN THIS WORLD!

So.. come along and join me in this adventure of life, you won’t be disappointed…


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    I will join you… And I will support millions of others in taking the blindfold off, just as Neo did. Many of us are ready to see the truth of who we really are and how we can and are manifesting the reality God intended. We are an extention of God, which means we have the same abilities. But God also wants us to learn, so we must endure the humility of life. This too is part of the journey. We forget through the course of lives that we must gain perspective and part of the miracle is to go through very humbling stages so we may gain knowledge for many reasons. This knowledge is God’s divine power as well. We cannot gain this through any other way except going through difficult times. We are Spirits having a human experience.

    I have never had a so-called terminal illness but I have watched many people go through this. It’s amazing the ones who survive how they ultimately gain more happiness and clarity about life. This clarity allows us to have tremendous breakthroughs spiritually mentally and physically. This also gives us inspiration to support others just as you and many others are doing. This in a sense is the greatest most powerful gift of all. So don’t forget that God creates everything. He creates The Good The Bad and The Ugly. He creates, Beauty, kindness, love, sickness, illness, disease, cures, healing, inspiration, heroes, and choice. So as you can see he creates all of this opportunity so we can learn and grow and to help others do the same.

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